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Seminar - solid dispersion in pharmaceutical developments - 26th September 2019


MERCK and Gala's team of experts organised the Seminar on:

How to accelerate your pharmaceutical developments based on the solid dispersion strategy

The Seminar was on 26th September 2019 in Gala® plateform.


The solubility of drugs is one of the most challenging aspects in developing formulations for novel drug discovery. Pharmaceutical solid dispersion is a powerful strategy enhancing the solubility and bioavailability of water poorly-soluble drugs. Some powerful strategies can be adopted to ease the whole development process, from the early phase screening to the manufacturing process design, thus accelerating and simplifying your drug formulation.

As different manufacturing processes may originate products with different properties the adequate selection of the manufacturing process is also crucial for the success of the product. Solvent-free processing and versatility are the most attractive attributes of the HME technology, which will be highlighted in the frame of this meeting. 

The Seminar was an one-day event (September 26th, 2019) in Castres, France, divided in two parts: 4 lectures in the morning followed by the visit of Gala platform facilities in the afternoon with 2 parallel demo/work sessions (Hot Melt Extrusion and Raman microscopy) .

Experts speakers from industry (Merck KGaA, Evotec Toulouse, Witec Corporation, Zeiss Group) and academy (University of Auvergne, France) were present, focused on following topics:

•Selecting the appropriate solid form in drug discovery phase to improve oral bioavailability and/or developability of compounds;
• Polyvinyl-alcohol a powerful excipient to stabilize amorphous solid dispersions using hot melt extrusion;
•Evaluation of in vitro dissolution techniques for supersaturating drug delivery systems;
•Presentation of the principle and applications of correlated SEM (Structural and elemental characterization) and Confocal Raman Microscopy (Chemical identification and imaging) in the pre-formulation and reverse engineering;

This was a free event at Gala® platform on September 26th 2019 to share scientific expertise, knowledge and successful approaches to lead solid dispersions projects.

For more information about the Seminar, you can find below the program and some pratical informations:

Seminar booklet MERCK and Gala® plateform - 26th September 2019


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