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Gala team and players


Maria Inês RÉ: Director of the platform, named by the Gala Board and Management Committee in December 2011. Miss RÉ is charged with the monitoring of the project and the co-opérations realise into the platform.

Laurène HAURIE:  Research Engineer, in charge of the experiments, the project management and the technical plateau management.

Angelique DE NEIVA: Laboratory Technician, in charge of the experiments and Health and Safety.

Antoine PERRON: Research Engineer, in charge of the experiments and the project management.

The team count also PhD students, trainees and the technical and administrative team located at RAPSODEE Center (for short assignments).

About ten persons in-service support for legal basis, health and safety, marketing, prospecting (ARMINES, Castres-Mazamet Technopole, IMT Mines Albi, CNRS, CBS pole).

A research team constitutes the scientific Gala team (knowledges in process, formulation, physical chemistry of colloids, synthesis chemistry).